Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Sub Rosa Alpha 34 notes

Frame smoothing:
This blends between packet frames, should help performance when playing online.

Right now they can only be saved on the server, as admin use the command "/savereplay" and the replay will be saved at the end of the round.  The files are pretty big, I'll be optimizing the size of them in the future.

Replay controls:
1: observer cam
2: camera 2 (hold Shift to move camera to observer cam position)
3: camera 3
Space: look at next player
Tilde: stop looking at players

R: rewind 10 seconds
T: rewind 30 seconds
Y: rewind 60 seconds

New physics:
Not a lot to see yet, but I've set things up so a lot of things will be possible like standing inside moving vehicles, ziplines, and elevators.

Fixed post-game chat

Alpha 34c:
Improved ragdolls
Kind of improved aiming while crouching

I think I'm done with Twitter.