Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cryptic Gish

I recently put up a 2nd teaser image on the Gish 2 website. my goal is to continue to post cryptic images that pertain to some aspect of Gish 2, be it gameplay or story. I hope the new art gets you thinking.... what could this one mean?



Dan MacDonald said...

Clearly finding chunks of gish's girlfriend to reassemble her, looks like gish found a shin! :)

Graham Goring said...

There's a Gish 2 website?! *searches*

And yay for Bride Of Gishenstein! ;)

Anonymous said...

what's the link for the gish 2 site?
and edmund- any idea when will it be released? I'd also be really happy to beta-test it, as I've done with some other indie games.

Edmund said...

The goal is to have it done by early 08. As far as beta testing, im sure we will need people but we are no where close to that yet. stay tuned.


Unknown said...

Grotesque. Me like :D

Anonymous said...

*thanks for the quick reply*
oh great! could you please open a forum to make it easier to test later on? and how about just having a gish 1 forum section? I'm sure MANY would really appreciate it.
about the blog- keep up the awesome posts- you give hope to mankind ^^
could you post more often though?

Unknown said...

that looks like one of those butcher diagrams -- which must mean that the left shin is the most tasty part!

Derek said...

I'd like to beta test when there's beta testing to be done... ^___^

I'm thinking gameplay for this latest image... perhaps an extension of how you could tear people's heads off in Gish 1?

Edmund said...

Nice guesses so far :)

We will be sure to post about beta testers here when the time comes.

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