Monday, August 31, 2009

No Quarter V-Sides

I've made a couple games for the Experimental Gameplay Project this month, the theme was Bare Minimum, and despite that I barely finished on time. Actually I spent about a day each on the games, which can be downloaded here: V-Sides Download

I realized I forgot to explain the controls, they are:

Rescue Helicopter:
Up/Down: Increase/decrease throttle
Left/Right: Rotate left/right
Button A(Space bar): Lower basket
Button B(S key): Raise basket

If the throttle is about 3/4 then you will hover, gentle taps of left and right are necessary to keep you balanced. Only one person can fit in the basket at a time.

Return to Skateboard Mountain:
Down: Duck
Left/Right: Lean left/right
Button A(Space bar): Jump (only if you're already ducking)

You can jump and flip if you lean and duck and then jump.

Using a gamepad is highly recommended.

The games are:

Rescue Helicopter, a helicopter sim inspired by Choplifter, where you try to rescue people with your helicopter. This game is HARD!

Return to Skateboard Mountain, inspired by Ski Stunt Simulator, skate down Skateboard Mountain doing radical jumps!

Both games use the No Quarter framework, which allowed me to prototype them very quickly. They feature old-school vector-based graphics, for all you old-school vector-based graphics fans. I have some videos that I'll try to throw together in the next couple days that show the progress of the prototypes. It won't be as cool as Petri's video for last months EGP but oh well.

Also thanks to all the people up in Toronto for showing me an awesome time, by some beer at The Beer Store for me, eh?



mark said...

So, how is No Quarter coming along? Are you close to a release date? I really can't wait for this one :)

Unknown said...

Fun games; Rescue Helicopter is too tough for my taste, but I really like Return to Skateboard Mountain, it sort of reminds me of ski stunt simulator. Anyway, good job on these, but when's the No Quarter beta gonna be sent out?

Katz said...

Include it in No Quarter as a secret

vazor said...

Sweet. Nice little contributions to the experimental scene. I liked the bucket mechanic, and the tilting in the skateboarding game adds a lot and goes to show how much you really need to know about physics in order to do a sport like that. XD

Unknown said...

nice work! I'm going to blog this game, its awesome.

shivam said...
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Andy said...

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Unknown said...

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