Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Night of the Living Balls

Join us tonight (August 24th) at 7 pm PST for a test of The Balls, we're trying to get as many people on one server as we can.

How to join:
Download the latest version here: www.crypticsea.com/theballs

Choose the server Night of the Living Balls

Follow us on twitter for updates on exciting opportunities like this, also we'll let you know what we had for lunch!

Here's our symbols so you know which balls we are:


Kyle said...

I can't connect to games and everything is super slow. I'm running Windows 7 32-bit and my computer isn't normally that slow.
Is anyone else having this problem or is there a way to fix it?

Aimee Seaver said...

Make sure you have OpenGL drivers?

Mouzi said...

I can't help thinking about Gish and Gish 2 every time I play this :P I've probably asked this plenty of times already but is Gish 2 still alive? I think the development videos looked pretty cool.

Alex said...

Gish 2 is currently as alive as a doornail. I did make some cool tech for it but it never really progressed past that.

Mouzi said...

Any chance you could release what you made so far then? Sometime in some form maybe?

Well, anyway, Balls is cool too, and it has a lot of gish-like feel in it, but I did like the more flexible tarball :)

Arnold said...

I would have loved to join in order to help you out a little bit, I will keep an eye on your Twitter account so I can know when something like this will happen again, by the way if you want to follow me, my Twitter nickname is 4rx, see you there!

saim said...

I’m still not really certain how much I agree with you on it all. I subscribed to your rss feed though and will certainly keep following your writing and possibly down the road I may chime in once again in much more detail.

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