Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Beta!!!

New and Awesome Beta!

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Many, many improvements!!
New Levels
New Abilities
Refined gameplay
Money added
New objectives
Awesome new sounds!
Pretty much everything is just way awesomer and you have to play to see it!

We now have a money system where you collect and earn money each level to use in buying abilities and upgrades for those abilities. Also each level has a more clearly defined objective, advancing to the end, killing your enemies, collecting food, rescuing allies, etc. We'll soon be adding two new abilities as well that are a mystery for now.


DeKapral said...

Having found a couple of PS2 controllers i managed to play a game with 2 players. Double the fun.

But, on the bigger maps it's possible to get so far away from each other that the camera doesn't manage to see both players. Also when one player is directly above the other when the camera zooms out the player above is hidden underneath the minimap or score.

Is splitscreen possible? I think I represent a tiny fraction of total players but nonetheless, it'd be great if it would be splitscreen on the large maps, Elimination works perfectly as it is.

Keep it up

P.S.: What do the hearts do in the dedicated server window?

Alex Austin said...

Yeah I wasn't sure if anyone had used the two players on one screen yet, we probably will add a split screen when the players are too far away.

The hearts are the default high scores, I'll be adding some actual info for the dedicated server soon.

coolguy1 said...

a new zero is still more fun