Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Late Shift

It's after 11pm here at the IGN offices, there's me and some Interabang guys still working, I thought I'd take a break from programming and make a video of some prototypes I'm working on this week. The first part is just some A New Zero video, trying to make the attack plane actually useful, there's other stuff I'm working on but not really anything I can show yet. The second part is an FPS idea I'm working on, attempting to make something new in the FPS genre instead of another cylinder with a gun turret. Third part is the sequel to the prequel that is A New Zero. Finally there's the latest in walking dude technology.



coolguy1 said...

a new zero is a prequel? and it has a squeal? i cant wait to give you money.

JohnG said...

One idea for the ANZ attack plane is to make it fire slow, but have the shots explode on impact. As it is they all sit on the same surface, and after the first goes off, the rest don't actually damage any deeper, so don't actually help you get to the core of a building, meaning you have to make multiple very dangerous passes to even have a chance of getting tot he core.

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Andy said...

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