Friday, June 29, 2012

Sub Rosa 0.05

Download it:
Dedicated server:

Unzip into your favorite directory, then double-click on subrosa.exe


WASD move

Press Tab to toggle map

Press E to enter/exit cars  IMPORTANT: if you have an item equipped in the car you won’t be able to drive

Press Tilde (the squiggly thing next to 1)  to drop the item you have equipped.

Left-click to pick up items, shoot while a gun is equipped, or open/close the briefcase.

Press 1,2,3, or 4 to place the item you’re holding in your inventory, press again to equip that item.  If you have an open briefcase equipped 1-4 will place the inventory item in the briefcase or remove an item from the briefcase.

Press T to talk with your own team

Press Y to talk with team 1 or 2

Press U to talk with team 2 or 3

Hold Space while driving for E-brake

Press Space when you’re dead to switch the player you’re observing

Open UDP port 27584 if you want to host a server

Press F5 on the server to restart the game

Dedicated info:
Click on a name to kick player

Scoring changes:
Blue and grey get 150 points for the disk
Gold gets 50 points per cash
Blue gets 35 points per cash

Gold loses 25 points if the disk isn't in their base at the end of the round
Blue loses 10 points per cash not in their base at the end of the round

Players lose points for shooting a teammate


Added suit and tie textures
Added hills
Improved car collision sound/damage
Invert mouse option
Fixed observer map
Fixed players looking in cars
TKers lose points
Added cryptic sea logo
Added spectator info
Added factory
Add twitter link
Changed player movement
Car passengers can move
Added zoom
Added speedometer
Made documents a disk
New bullet damage
Damage model (bleeding)
Fixed dropping items through level
Added Rifle


Oliver Lataste said...

The car chases and fights are much more entertaining with inclines, even though greys lose their strategy of follow the blues on grey street. This might need obstacles.
Also a must have next update is definitely the time limit being adjustable. Maybe a different mode? Shit like helicopters and new vehicles (which requires more players) should be at the .1 update really; not the next one. NPCs can come later, we're fine I think.

Oliver Lataste said...

scratch that comment about time limit, sorry lol.

Unknown said...

anyone else getting unplayable lag?

Sam O said...

When playing on servers with a high ping time I get an annoying delay between controls and movement. Especially mouse movement is a bit tedious with 200ms delay.

A lot can be done to improve the experience when playing with high ping. An example is when you use some controls your character should move locally and then ask the server, whether that was a legal move.

I live in Denmark and have a ping of 200ms to the US servers.

Lord Darkwing said...

i have been getting worse lag of any online game and think you should put up a controls list because i dont think i know all the controls otherwise if the lag clears up it will be an interesting game

Talisman said...

I was getting unplayable lag at first but I did the affinity fix again and it's alright, if you don't know how to do it open up Sub Rosa then go to Task Manager > Proccesses >Subrosa.exe > Rightclick > Affinity > unselect all cores except for core0.

Fixed most of the framerate issues for me.

Oliver Lataste said...

One more suggestion: melee combat. Shivs. Whatever, something to strike with. Sometimes you don't have a weapon so at least yo have something to protect yourself; everyone would have it. Also no more stupid draws with no ammo left. Instant kill backstab maybe? MIGHT be too strong, but i doubt anyone smart enough wouldn't die to that. It would help for all teams and would provide an additional slot.
Also, nerf the smg. Too powerful. It should be rifle 2, pistol 4, smg 8. Might make things more balanced.

Unknown said...

the affinity thing worked for me on .3 but on .5 I'm getting about a frame per minute in singleplayer

Alex Austin said...

@Justin You have to tell me your system specs otherwise there's no way I can fix it, I only have two PCs I can test on myself.

alfie275 said...

I've a couple of suggestions:
Bigger map, with alteast a bridge and large open area.
Would be cool if the roofs could be driven off / have stuff dropped off.

Being able to drop stuff out of moving cars / throw briefcases.

New weapon:
Sniper rifle - Long range rifle with 1 bullet per reload. Has an "aim" mode which projects a red laser dot onto the target and has a zoom scope.

Talisman said...

After playing this version, I love it. And the bleed system is really awesome and adds depth.

I'm going to second Oliver's suggestion with melee weapons, that would be awesome, perhaps swords, knives, and a backstab instant kill animation for those unsuspecting people.

Some other suggestions:


-After teams are picked allow teams to pick from an assortment of vehicles they want to spawn with to add more strategy, perhaps you could choose two fast two seaters, or the normal 4 seater cars, perhaps a slow van with room for 6 people, maybe a 5 man humvee, a 8 man bus, a giant semi with an enter-able back compartment? even 1/2 man motorcycles for super quick deals/get away or any mixture of these, maybe even helicopters if the engine allows so. These could be payed for with points or not.

-Add the coat of arms system back so we can customize our players a bit! Perhaps the coat would be displayed on a small patch on the suit, or an emblem of it on the guns we spawn with, would be neat.

-Make more buildings you can actually enter, doesn't have to be a new trading point (like A,B,C and D), just unmarked buildings you can enter, or some way to get on a rooftop.

-Add more cars sitting around in town to use, the blue one is awesome!

-Make it so you can honk the horn on the cars, and maybe flash your headlights

-Add random variables to the map that change every time, for example sometimes it might be night time.

-More customization

-More guns. (It doesn't have to be CALL OF DUTY: SUBROSA, but a shot gun, different types of weapons for strategy, replay-ability and fun wouldn't hurt.)

-Hidden alleyways, not marked on the map for shortcuts

-An underground road


-Don't allow grey team to have more people then a single blue or yellow team, I find games are more fun that way.

-Add a rectangle on top of the Rifle or something to make it more distinguishable, perhaps add another even more powerful rifle with an optical scope you can use with right click.

-The ties are very hard to see, even more hard then the circles, perhaps make the white collar on the suit the team color?

Wow that was a lot, obviously all this wont be added but I think most of these features would be great additions, what do you think Alex? And do you have any long term crazy features you want to add?

Thanks for the update.

dionvc said...

I realise you never read this, but teamkilling is a bit out of hand. I spawn and then my teammates all go kill each other. Maybe some sort of penalty for teamkilling or something....

Talisman said...

Also, finished a video with the new version!

Talisman said...

Apologizing for spamming this with my videos, this is the last one!

I thought it was well worthy of posting.

dionvc said...

Scratch my comment about teamkilling, it seems well balanced. The only thing I can think to say is maybe add more grapics or add another weapon. Also, it is very hard to identify teammates from distances. And perhaps another vehicle?

Vladimir Mejia said...

Amazing Game, so fun on line mode, please keep developing it, i would like to contribute modelling stuff and texturing.

May you add an indicator when you are near to an item? just to know what its possible to get it.

Vladimir Mejia said...

Amazing Game, so fun on line mode, please keep developing it, i would like to contribute modelling stuff and texturing.

May you add an indicator when you are near to an item? just to know what its possible to get it.

Oliver Lataste said...

Can you create a forum? I'd like to talk about the competitive balance of the game, suggestions, etc. I'm pretty invested in this game.

Norgg said...
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Norgg said...

Just a note that the server runs pretty well on Wine, though my poor little Debian VM doesn't like more than 10 players or so.

Unknown said...

Alex - great game.

I love the Higher Points = Better Guns mechanic (to declaw trolls and tkers).

Also love the bleed-to-death mechanic (to blunt razor-thin victories).

I would like it if the map had some opportunities for people to get out of cars and walk to otherwise inaccessible places. Ideally, if those places had good viewing angles of trading spots. That would allow some sniping / scouting.

Maybe a thin walkway along the edge of the building from C north to overlook the blue-car-plaza southeast of B?

Unknown said...

Alex, one more suggestion:

Either fix the keyboard input so keystrokes aren't lost on laggy servers, or change the car entrance-exit key to X

Often, I am in a car, and need to quickly type. So I hit T, the game silently ignores the keystroke, and then the next word I type has 'E' in it (rather common). So I exit the car and insta-die. Frustrating.

Unknown said...

Great game so far, other than most of the suggestions above, maybe have grey spawn with an item that both blue and gold want.

Alex Austin said...

@alfie @Talisman I will be adding and fixing up the guns and map more, that's a good idea about the Grey team also.

@Vladimir I'll try to add an indicator for picking up items soon

@Oliver I'm working on a new webpage with a forum

@Norgg Is the server framerate slowing down or is the ping getting really high? If it's getting choppy it's probably your CPU, if the response slows way down the bandwidth might be set too high

@Unknown I'll be adding some more detail to the buildings including accessible rooftops. I'll be working on fixing the chat stuff also

Unknown said...

Whats up scrubs check out my sub rosa frag video

Norgg said...

I'm pretty sure it was the processor, which I wasn't really surprised about with it being a VM with the processor shared between a few other machines, on top of the cost of using Wine. It was getting pretty choppy, yeah.

Unknown said...

Why dont you guys respond to emails?

alfie275 said...

Could we get ban/whitelist functionality? As well as only allowing one person per name (eg if another joins, append (2) to their name).

\ said...

I love this fucking game, and I love Alex Austin.

Wulf said...

fantastic game, but cant play on only server since its american and ping is really bad if they are more than 6 players or so .(

so sad that reddit dont have server anymore

alfie275 said...

Did an overview type thing with some footage:

majortaylor210 said...
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majortaylor210 said...

when i click on the link to play it all it does is download again. help plaese.


Like it!!

Linford said...

Great game! I was playing it whole day.
But there are some problems, like Alt+Tab problem (I think you know what I'm talking about).
And what about other languages? There are a lot of russians playing this game and they have to use transliteration. Will the game support the Russian and other languages?

Unknown said...

Wow! Best game since Black Shades :) Absolute masterpiece!
Actually, I can't even start you game.
What are minimum system requirements?
I have rather old machine with OpenGL2.0 card, but I got black screen on start.
Can I help you fix it?

JT said...

This is really awesome.
You don't need to make any major changes to gameplay, it's more fun without player markers, item highlights and any other notifications. 'Who's that? WHO IS THAT??', 'You got the package?', 'Find the disk, quick!'. This really should stay in the game.

Randomness would be nice. Like, bases in random places every round. Only 4 accessible buildings, but 4 different every time. And so on.

Little warm up before people can leave bases (server can adjust this). So teams can think about the plan, rather than rush asap. Blues always have problems putting cash in briefcase, so they leave late, it should help with this as well.

Higher rewards for points. Better weapons, maybe better cars, more ammo or some other rewards. Right now there is not much point in winning.

To prevent people from shooting each other every time, take away small amount of points for every kill, but smaller than TK of course. So people will actually think before opening fire and greys will finally lose points for something as well, not just blue and gold for losing their stuff.

Small reward for surviving the round seams to be good as well.

Catratcat said...

Alex, check mail, please ^^

DanteNumero said...

hey Alex I'd love if you could make it if OpenGL 1.1 was compatible, I'm sure others in my predicament agree that we don't need fancy dancy shaders for such a great game I hope you read this Alex good luck on both Sub Rosa and A New Zero

ScorpyX said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ScorpyX said...

Maaan - this is soooo f***ing good!
I want "bank robbery" Scenario ^_^
maybe add some "Scenario editor"
this is will be nice

ScorpyX said...

check this for FUN guys ^_^

Unknown said...

Having major framerate issues.
2gb ram, intel i3 and a 1gb intel graphics card.

Only got access to a laptop at the moment but I'd expect it to be able to run something like this.

anyone got any help ?

satchelcambridgeus said...

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Unknown said...

So I'm seeing a lot, i mean, A LOT of comments saying that they lag. They think it's the game's problem. Occasionally, sometimes people with graphics cards from the 2009 can see through the textures of the cars and the buildings, and that ruins the whole gameplay for them. most of the times, there are low frame rates (2-4 frames/second or something a bit higher) and others say that there is a delay between controls and movement.

This is all from your graphics card. The game is fine. In fact, The game is quite smooth on my gaming laptop, which cost somewhere around $1400. Perhaps this is why I get good Frames/sec (around 60) But I recommend you getting a Graphics Card upgrade. I'm saying not only for this game, but all the other games you'll play. I mean, No offence, But if you can't run This game, Then you can't run S$#@. I'm serious. Even Minecraft or Counter strike will have something like 20-10 fps on your computer. I Really, REALLY Recommend getting an upgrade. If you can't, then you might as well give up. Or buy a professional Gaming Desktop for $800 which can run BattleField 3 At 60fps. Really.

Sincerely, A VerryAnnoyedUserWithOCD

Unknown said...

I would just like to say that my computer can run Minecraft pretty well, and Team Fortress 2 on maximum settings, but I get maybe 5 FPS with this game. So yes, Mysti, it may be something with the game.

Calvinator22 said...

Yeah, I am playing on and iMac Radeon HD 2400 4GB RAM Intel Duo Core Processor which can run things like lower L4D2 and TF2 and LoL and Minecraft at around 40-60 fps fine but I believe this game has shader problems. I get about 45-60 fps on the game but any shadows are sort of a sky blue see through game ruining thing. Makes it unplayable and I really wish to play this game. At a minimum t least a way to disable shadows and shading?

Calvinator22 said...

Yeah, I am playing on and iMac Radeon HD 2400 4GB RAM Intel Duo Core Processor which can run things like lower L4D2 and TF2 and LoL and Minecraft at around 40-60 fps fine but I believe this game has shader problems. I get about 45-60 fps on the game but any shadows are sort of a sky blue see through game ruining thing. Makes it unplayable and I really wish to play this game. At a minimum t least a way to disable shadows and shading?

Unknown said...

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