Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cryptic Sea 2014 Year In Preview

I've been making good progress lately, here's an update:

Cryptic Sea EP

The main additions are for Touring Car Legend, we now have 5 tracks and 5 cars, I'll try to get the netcode in as well.  Skate or Don't! has a singleplayer mode now, with an old-school lives system.  For Volta I've mainly been working on the graphics, I do want to fix up the puzzle mode soon though.  You can still get it for $3 (I'll be raising the price for the next version) at:
New version should be ready by next week.


We've been working on getting the skating and stickhandling of the new physics up to tournament quality, it takes quite a bit of tuning since it's a whole new player/stick model.  You can pre-order the new version and try out the prototype for $8 here:

A New Zero

Two things have been holding up development, human physics and the voxel landscape.  I've made some good progress on both, so I'll hopefully have some things to show soon.  You can see in the video me trying to land a loaded cargo plane, the new flight model makes the flying a lot more interesting I think.

Sub Rosa

I have some things I'll be revealing later this month, stay tuned.


Unknown said...

It's so awesome to hear that A New Zero is making progress :)

Unknown said...


Skiv said...

Im only waiting for A New Zero.


are you the same developer as on Triptych? that was the first shareware i ever purchased, back in 2001, i think... (yes, i was one of those ~600...)