Friday, September 28, 2007

Not so cryptic image

So the past week has been a little crazy. With the IGF deadline only 3 days away and us working on a Gish lost levels pack (that will hit stores early next year) i only had enough time to upload some character art as a cryptic image.

Its a small desert mouse creature that can use its "tail" in fun and interesting ways. Gish 2 will be set in the Badlands universe, so a lot of creatures from my side projects will work their way in. for those of you unfamiliar with the Badlands heres the current cast.

As an extra bonus, im going to post a few shots from Gish : The lost levels.

I think im going to resubmit tri-achnid this year to the IGF, im pretty sure alex will be submitting Ramjets as well.

Wish us luck


JJ said...

except for the levels pack is there any chance for some small changes to improve/update the 1st game such as adding a trophy room,
improving the menus,
adding some new loading screens ^^,
character selection,
new characters except of the existing 4 (female characters perhaps),
a character + enemies + bosses gallery (could be like on your sites if that's not too hard)- oh and characters would be added after you kill them of course.
I just remember the game was kinda messy, and also these things would add a lot...

Edmund said...

Sure thing! go ahead and list a few more things you want us to take time out of gish 2 dev to add to a game that came out 4 years ago. I mean it will only take the 2 of us a few months to add all that stuff you mentioned. :)

The lost levels is nothing more then a level pack made with the existing Gish 1 engine, nothing more. its part of a small retail deal that was proposed to us a few months back, the game will also come with a gish tshirt and very very inexpensive.

we were originally going to just put in the gish 1 demo, but decided that it would be more fun for existing fans if we gave them something new as well.

ill be sure to update when they hit stores.


karlo said...

No offence but for that mouse creature it's a bit hard to define what is legs and what is hands. Mouth makes it confusing because it looks like a hand - add some small teath popping out and it'll look perfect.

JJ said...

I had no idea it would take so much time...
will it be in Gish 2 then? ;)
I'm serious- it would add SO much.

also, will the Lost levels be like a new campaign to select?

Unknown said...

JJ had some good suggestions but they are kinda big changes and it would be better to apply that to the sequel and really make it the best it can be.
Regarding the lost levels, will there be new tile sets?

Edmund said...

Yeah, all of those suggestions are things we have talked about in the past, and im sure a few of them will make it into gish 2 (the past 2 "x-ray" post are the start of a character gallery).

as far as the lost levels go, no but a lot of the levels do look and play a lot differently then the ingame levels. there are even 2 outside levels.


JJ said...

Well I was testing some games (Jets'N'Guns Gold is the one I'm proud of- hope you're familiar with it), so I know just what a title needs to become great, and Gish IS one of the best games I've played and has tons of potential 'greatness'.
That's why I'm trying to make you push the limits.
I can't wait till you'll have a forum to "work" in though.

Anyway I have a question about some of the characters from the Gish cast-
In the site you can find the entire Gish cast which includes many characters that don't appear in the game and I haven't seen them in the badlands series as well.
Will they all appear in Gish 2/Lost Levels as well as the new blog monsters, the badlands monsters and the familiar faces from gish1 (that can be found in the site)?
Q2: In the badlands games you make great effort to explain us the world of badlands and the way in which each creature acts and survives in the food chain, stuff I really enjoyed, as I have similar imagination.
I've noticed I know almost nothing about the creatures in Gish and even less about the place/s the game takes place in. Unfortunately the texts in the cast section of the site were never published. Where can I find any material about the above?

Edmund said...

There is a good chance that the creatures cut from gish 1 will not make it into gish 2, they were cut from gish 1 due to time restraints and the fact that i just wasn't that happy with a few of them.

The lost level is just a few new levels using the gish 1 engine and editor, there will be no new bad guys in it at all, just new levels.

i plan on doing creature pages for Gish 2, there will be text that goes along with each page that will tell a little about the creature like i have done in past flash games.

Gish 2 will be set in the badlands, so you can expect to see areas that have been talked about in my flash games to make an appearance.

Unknown said...

It would be cool too see some of the indigenous lifeforms like little bird and bugs and things buzzing around. Just like harmless NPC's you know?

JJ said...

great idea man. it would add so much to the game's atmosphere.
and talking about atmosphere- any new soundtracks/BGMs? I remember gish1 was quite quiet so I hope there will be some jumpy action-full BGMs in Gish2, like the BGM of the egypt levels (and of course some spooky tunes in boss levels).
it's just that the game should make people listen to its music instead of to their own music lists...

also- any new gameplay clips coming soon?

Unknown said...

I've been playing a lot of Shadow of the Colossus lately...

Unknown said...

WOW! gish 2, i dont know why it took me so long to find out about this. what new enemies will be in gish2?^^ after seeing the first picture on i am hoping there is some huge boss that you can crawl all over as he swings big limbs and guts or wateva, <- hope u got the right mental picture from that XD.

one thing that worries me tho is in the gish2 video the way gish moves seems to be different, it looks way too easy especially how when you hit down gish flattens himself (i think) it just looks a whole lot less chalenging and too controlled.

Im 15 and trying to put togetha a folio 4 skool, alot of the stuff i draw is based on your art (i love it^^) dw i never copy, just look at your stuff and try to bring a lil bit of your style into wateva im drawing. I was wondering wer i could find more of your art, i have been able to find small amounts of it randomly scattered around the internet but not much. eh this comment is long and i fell like im rambling so ill stop now.

JJ said...

I love his art as well- you can try the following if you haven't found it yet:
("A collection of drawings that have no preplanning, no sketching just pen to paper subconscious ejaculate. -Edmund McMillen")

BTW- I've always found it really hard to play the multiplayer mode in Gish 1 simply due to the problematic keyboard configuration this game has. the game doesn't allow assigning many buttons and it's almost impossible to set up the buttons for 2 players on a single keyboard.
please fix it in Gish 2 so that the game would support more configure-able buttons.

Edmund said...

JJ, dont play multiplayer with a keyboard.. it just doesnt work.

use a game pad, any pad will work but xbox usb controlers seem to work best.

and Hani, you can check out most of my other stuff at


Unknown said...

yeh coldstorage is a pretty reguler site for me, was wondering if you had a gallery hidden away somewhere XD newho, i was wondering, do you use photoshop to make ur digital art? i have been drawing, scanning then vectering in photoshop and I'm not liking the end result XD how do you do it? an how the hell do you draw ur mechanical portraits :O they are quite amazing, (specially the skull ones:)
well im trailing a bit off topic i think so I'll end with one last question ;) Are you planning on putting any flying enemies on gish2, maybe for the later levels? I just think that would be so insane, and it would make a challenging enemy :D ahgk i have so many questions XD thx for answering my last one^^

P.S. Pls pls keep gish cute^^ I've seen some ugly gishes you've drawn and I would hate to play as one of them. oh and will all the characters be redrawn for gish2?

Edmund said...

I use flash for all my illustration work, i only use photoshop for editing.

I do the mechanical portraits with colored pens and ink, in real life.

I guess you will just have to see what kinda enemies are in gish 2 to know for sure.

Gish will stay as cute as he has been, everything in gish 2 will be totally redrawn and recoded.


Unknown said...

thankyou^^ I used to use flash but switched to photoshop because it is more accepted. I Can't wait for gish 2! heres my fianl question: can I preorder it?

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