Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So last night Host went live on Newgrounds and

Host is a simple and fun online flash fighting game that Caulder and i entered into the IGF.

You play a "Host", reanimated balls of guts that are being controlled by the parasites inside them.
I cant think of anything else creative or funny to say here, so just check the game out.

more online flash games to come



hani658 said...

hehe i played this yesterday^^ got owned by everyone and it seems once again my online gaming has been crippled by my incredibly high ping. love the concept i wish i could play it tho XD

hani658 said...

dam i hate to double post but how do i register?

Edmund said...

Go to and register on the Host game there. it will unlock about 10 more animated items for your Host.

hani658 said...

cool, o.~ yeh soz that was a sorta stupid question i figured it out a lil after i asked, good game^^ keep up the good work!

Steve Emanuel said...

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