Saturday, November 3, 2007

1st official beta screen shot

So its been a few weeks since we have updated about Gish 2 so i thought it was probably time to update with a screen shot of the current build.

we are crunching for an IGF update so this is all the post you get.
wish us luck.


Unknown said...

really like the new smooth/dreamy sort of look.. this is making us feel like lazy slackers!

Tim said...
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Unknown said...

yea the hazy look is refreshing, it radiates hot and sweaty desert.

Unknown said...

badass mang :D Can't wait to see the other environments and characters etc.

toasterkat said...

Beautiful! I dug the hell out of Gish. Can't wait!

Are the lost levels and Gish 2 going to be offered on Mac, like the original?