Friday, June 27, 2008

I am Salvation. I am Death.

I added a new (flash) teaser page to the Gish2 webpage showing the 1st image of Quietus "god of the dead". We are currently working on outside lighting/day night cycles and should have something to show in the form on a new dev. documentation video in the coming weeks. im also working on a video teaser that should shed some light on one aspect of the Gish2 story.

Check out the trailer for Gish mobile its looking sweet.

Also did an interview with Tim at the indie blog that could be interesting to someone



xoDanielle said...

"My Husband, the game designa!!" *said in motherly Jewish voice*

F'ing rad as usual!

Unknown said...

stop making us feel so unproductive, you jerks! ;p

Anonymous said...

Blah. That was way too cheesy..