Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yay i made something!

Its called Aether and its a simple experimental "Art" game about childhood and escapism. Its a very honest and personal project i've been a little worried about making public because its exposes a lot of the fears i had when i was a child and puts me in a vulnerable places. But i feel like there are some out there that can appreciate something honest that has a lot of heart.

You can play the flash version online here:

and can also download the stand alone version for both Mac and PC here (it runs better on slower pcs):

In the game you play as a boy who leaves the earth in search of life in outer space, someone he can relate to. in the process he discovers lost planets that need to be saved, solving puzzles on these planet bring life back to them and the galaxy expands.

Please feel free to try the game out yourself, the story is left open to interpretation and if your into exploration and problem solving then you just might really like it.

All the controls and info are in the game.

The Game was created by Myself and Tyler Glaiel of We made it in 14 days.

I hope you enjoy our labor of love.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it takes a lot of experience to make something like that in 14 days.
It's a great game, with a great message, I really enjoyed it =P

Thanks for making it

zalo said...

A really beautiful game. And in 14 days?! That's amazing. Also, awesome music.

Billy King said...

It's great when you first find out how to swing yourself up the clouds and suddenly find yourself floating. It really does capture the feeling of an old children's book or day dream. Well done!

justin said...

if all games were like this the world would be a much more beautiful place.

scy said...


Killah Mate said...

I just wanted to drop by to say this game is very beautiful in a number of ways, and I'll make a point of saving it so that when I have kids I can show it to them. I'll also make a point of following your work more closely from now on.

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