Monday, October 6, 2008

Meat Boy!

Update: Tim From indie games blog is at it again, proving how much we all suck at meat boy and how awesome he is. Tn this video he beats all the hardest levels collecting all the band aids along the way...

Meat boy!

Jon McEntee (a new Designer on the flash scene) and i just finished up a new game!

Meet Meat Boy. He's the protagonist of his self-titled debut, irreverently named Meat Boy, a more traditional "hardcore" platformer in the same vein as Ghost and Goblins, Mega Man and N. You play as the unlikely hero in search of his kidnapped love interest. Cliché I know, but this princess is made of band-aids and she's been kidnapped by a fetus in a jar wearing a suit and a monocle. Oh, and you're also a skinless ball of juicy meat.

You can play the flash version online here:

You can also download the stand alone version for both Mac and PC here:

Meat Boy Features:

.56+ levels spanning 4 chapters

.A full featured, user friendly level editor

.4 unlockable playable characters

.10 unlockable bonus levels

.Fully animated ending and hidden epilogue!

All the controls and info are in the game.

The game was created by :
Jonathan Mcenee - Programming/Design
Edmund McMillen - Art/Design
Featuring music by Danny Baranowsky of

Oh heres a little vid of Tim from indiegames blog getting all the secret band aids and unlocking the final secret ending (its been edited not to spoil the fun for people going for 100% completion).



Amzi The Potatosheep said...

Nice, loved the game. Just finished it, but I have yet to beat all the levels. The ending sequence gave me a few laughs :P

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