Thursday, November 6, 2008

My CD is out!

My lifes work is being sold on a single CD for only 10 bucks!!!!

Watch the trailer.

why arnt you buying it yet?

"I've spent the past 10 years of my life trying my best to stay independent and work on personal projects I felt had meaning to me and what I was trying to express as an artist. All my work has a personal cathartic theme. I don't censor my ideas even if they contradict my personal views and I think that's something very important when it comes to making art. Thanks for buying the CD, I hope you enjoy my work.'

PLEASE spread the word people! this is honestly everything ive done artistically for the past 10 years.. that's 1 buck a year! WHAT A DEAL!

Buy it!


i also made a secret uncensored trailer here :)


Mike P. said...

WOW. This is an epic amount of content. Totally sold.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I'm definently getting this. But first I have to tell all my friends. To beg them for money.

Mike P. said...

Oh blech. Newgrounds doesn't recognize my CC's address. Epic fail.

Can I paypal you the cash or something?

Edmund said...

go to there is a paypal option on there next to the trailer.

Unknown said...

Just received it and it's worth every cent :)


Greg Richardson said...

Can you ship these to australia?

Greg Richardson said...

Oh, sorry just read the page :D