Thursday, January 15, 2009

A New Zero on Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Thanks to Rock, Paper AND Shotgun for the mention. Good to see they're posting real news instead of interviews with losers like that Edmund McMillen guy.

In other news, No Quarter is coming along really well, we're aiming for a March release. Hopefully March 2009. I should a new version of A New Zero ready soon, there's a few minor issues that should be fixed as well as some new stuff added. Also look for a HUGE announcement about Gish 2 soon.


coolguy1 said...


coolguy1 said...

also are you going to add the new vehicle? that would be cool

Alehkhs said...

Why is it that every time I decide I'm going to do an article for TIGS, RPS throws up an article immediately...?


Fritzy said...

Please fix the network code! Even just running a server kills the framerate. The controls can be drastically delayed, and the framerate seems to be effected by the latency.

Other than the netcode, I love this game!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


I like it a lot, it's my favourite game at the moment. Things that would be nice to implement:

- votekick: there's been some griefing lately
- teamchat: gets wished for repeatedly, don't really care about it.
- different maps: maybe randomly generated?
- planes are too popular: three bombs and the base is down, maybe lessen impact force or pimp the boats (speed)