Friday, March 13, 2009

No Quarter update

Here's a video of some of the things we're working on for No Quarter. The first part is a test I've been doing for walking/running on moving platforms. As you can see in the video, by running left it pushes the platform in the opposite direction, causing the wheel to rotate. This sounds simple, but actually takes quite a bit of balancing to get the right movement while still being physically simulated. Mare and Raigan from Metanet describe the process better in this post. The cool thing about having this working is we can have moving platforms that the player interacts with the same as the static level, similar to what we had in Gish. The second part of the video is what I do when I get tired of running in a wheel: kill Hitler clones.

The third part is some early video of the tree game we're working on, it's taken a while to get the prototype going but it's starting to feel like something now.

Edmund made a wallpaper of some of the characters that may or may not appear in Red Alpha, you can check it out here:


Unknown said...

Looks good, can't wait to get to play them. What exactly is the point of 'Tree' anyway, is it just ambient? Also, what is the 'Red Alpha' you referred to, the new name of 'gun'? Anyway, happy belated birthday to Edmund, and No Quarter is starting to look pretty good.

Katz said...

Looks cool...
Does tree have a definitive goal?

Sam said...

What, no hilarious music to go along with the video? All well, still looks awesome.
I'm guessing tree is sort of like BBG, keeping the tree balanced using physics-smarts while trying to get it as tall as possible. But what do I really know? Nothing.

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