Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hitlers Must die

Alex and i are currently crunching for Pax10 and indiecade, that means getting a playable version of No Quarter finished by sat. Not much has been said about No Quarter, or the games first track "Hitlers Must Die!".

We just finished the intro for it today.. i just couldnt hold back from posting this.




xoDanielle said...

Beyond awesome!

Cataclysm Studios said...


Unknown said...

the art is soooo good. this is the shit.

dcat said...

this rocks

Unknown said...

looks amazing, can't wait to play it!

Katz said...

Fuck ya!

Phenomen said...

haha XD I'm from Russia and I love your humor. Font is so funny :] But you made mistake.. Lenin wasn't "Premier".. he was General Secretary.

sarkadan said...

The red background looks like Marrakech! We always rent Marrakech Holiday Apartments...well done!

Unknown said...

DNA wasn't discovered yet!
otherwise, I can't wait to kill hitler

Scott Dunroe said...

Amazing work! Will this be free or purchase only?

Thank you so much for all your previous titles!

P.S Liked your spot in Games magazine.

Dylan said...

I'm loving this so much. Killing Hitler is going to be rad!

Unknown said...

Would people fucking stop substituting latin letters with cyrillic ones? When you can actually read Russian, it's EXTREMELY annoying when you're trying to read the text, but it makes no sense when you try to read the Russian pronounciations of those letters, so you need to concentrate on each and every letter to try to figure out the text! GRRR!

cedric said...

i love the art, gameplan and idea and will definitely. however, i dont like the other games in the pack. why dont you incrase the levels to 83 or so and release as a full game, and work on the game album later? i know a lot of people think the same.

cedric said...

sorry i meant definitely purchase

Playboy said...

totally rocking :)

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