Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Zero 0.76

Download: A New Zero 0.76

Thanks for all the feedback, I've fixed a few things, added a few things. More info soon.



Unknown said...

I hope it's not too long:)

I don't like:
Bomb loads instantly while ammo and fuel don't
Bomb doesn't do any damage on plane explosion (bomb selfignition enyone?)
Bots aim perfectly fine in dark (give me nightvision too:)
Game is still too easy (AI improvements, bots don't defend base for example)
Damaging island city doesn't play any role (decreased income / less taxpayers? :)
Autopilot is not adjusting to throttle level
Sound doesn't stop playing on pause
Plane isn't fragile enough (survives tough landing and even bumping into buildings)
Refueling and rearming are free

I miss:
Countdown until the sunrise (like when waiting to spawn)
Refuel (not rearm) at friendly bases for money (could be available in trading menu)
Repair (or even autorepair) buildings, or at least defense towers, but not Capitols
"Buy a planefull of cargo" button (in trading menu)
Bots selfdefence (for instance when approaching boats from behind they could turn and attack) and basedefence (bots just go about their business, neverminding base security)
Faster restart on game over ("Press Enter to restart NOW")
Warning (in research menu): laboratory building is needed to do research (well, once you figure it out..)
Friendly (Condor) bots, not just enemy bots
What is money income rate dependant on?
When selecting spawning island, default view should be towards enemy base or closest enemy, not the view from previous island
Give trading and other goods a bigger role (for example: make income higher when city has goods from other islands - happy taxpayers:)

Dogfighting (thank the heavens for Ramjets demo:)

I like:
Capitol autodefence
One defense tower from the very beginning
The funny clock is OK once you figure it out (sunrise 04:00, sunset 14:00, day-end 0:17:79 => 1:00:00)
Red bomb from boat doesn't destroy the whole CARGO plane on explosion (just one wing for example)
And everything else of course:)

(Windows 7 32bit, Phenom II X3 720 2.80Ghz, 3GB RAM, Radeon HD 4670)
When in fullscreen at any resolution, Alt-Tab (or Win-D) and go back -> graphics all messed up (haven't seen so many shades of gray)
When building at night, the white construction cube is visible (very helpful for night orientation:)

Unknown said...

I like the changes, certainly makes a super fast victory impossible.

The range of defences seems a little too small though, even the bots can sit offshore and fire all 4 missiles until they take out any defences without being shot at sometimes.

The middle blocks are interesting, certainly makes it fun to ambush passing boats by sitting behind a block waiting, though how about making no corridors, but having them more spaced out to make paths more unpredictable, and going the "safe" route a bit less slow?

The research seems to work pretty well, but as above, maybe make it more clear how much research points you're getting in the research screen so it's easy to see you get 0 to start with.

On that note I've noticed getting "bonus" research in subsequent rounds after one ends, e.g 2/3 of droptank researched at the round start, is this a bug or another MVP bonus?

The droptank is a brilliant addition, it makes it so much easier to patrol in a fighter, instead of having to do single specific attacks before running to base and praying. Should also mean that a fighter can escort a bonmber and chase attackers better.

One small bug that I found: If you take/neutralise the bot's starting island, even if they've taken the other island, they'll not spawn there, but will rebuild its capitol if you blow it up and they have the money.

Player1 said...

Nice changes, though the new blocks in the middle tend to drag down my performance quite a bit on my old 3.2 GHz P4 with 2GB Ram. Before (0.75) gameplay was silky smooth, now it's really choppy, so i had to turn down the graphics. Not nice. Flying the planes with a joypad is a cool option, but input detection is very spotty on the joystick axes. Night is way too dark. As someone noted before bots can see just fine, but human eyes have a very hard time spotting them. Other than that: keep up the fantastic work on this gem.

Dan said...

I've been playing this off and on since it was mentioned on RPS last year and I've enjoyed every bit. The new changes add a real strategic element to the mix. I like the addition of the tall boy and the cargo planes (an inexpensive way to ram gunboats from behind). Any plans to add a ground element to the game? ie tanks etc...

Playing during the night time portion is nigh impossible. I remember back to the previous versions where during the night time period I could use the score counters at the edge of the maps as beacons to guide my plane back to the base. You could do the same thing here by putting lights on the runways and buildings to help the planes navigate. Boats could have a spotlight (that you can turn off) to illuminate directly in front of them. It could add a hide and seek element to the boats at night.

Regardless GOOD WORK!!

Keep developing this and if you ever decide to sell it, I'll be first to buy.

sasquatch90210 said...

I love the new version, the blocks in the middle make a nice cat-and-mouse game in multiplayer.

Like said above, the night portion of the game needs some form of lights or night vision... just something! Perhaps night vision could be an item in the research department.

Thus far, a great game. I would like to see some land-based action sometime, whether it be in this game or in an entirely different game altogether.

I await v. 0.77

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this game but this new version seems to be a bit beyond me. Is there no way to generate some friendly bots in this demo as it is a little difficult taking on a whole other army by myself. Also I am still having some trouble finding out how to take bases and whatnot. Any sort of brief how to would be of great help.

Great game and I cant wait to see where it goes.

Azbec-Azreal said...

zzz...I still can't play it because I lack opengl 2.0

Tyga said...

woow i have an intel card :( it says i have open gl 1.4..

can you go back to other open gl? i waited so long for this update and now i cant even play it :(

DeKapral said...

I'd really like to see a lobby type system in the Join Game menu so you can decide on game settings before you start the game.

Maybe a dedicated server running somewhere as well?

Talisman said...

AMAZING! i've been playing this from the start and in my fantasies i hoped you would add bombers and different types of planes and you did!

This game has so much potential, heres some suggestions.

Ability to research Night Vision, and ability to spawn durning night,
bombing sight mode for fighters carrying a bomb or missile.

The fatboy does to little damage, it shouldent be a one hit base kill (maybe 2 hits kill) but it should definantly have a bigger explosion then what it is now, the 4 default bombs that come with the bomber are almost stronger then the fatboy.

Submarine! i think this would be an amazing addition to the water, if you made the water deeper, the submarines could come out beneath the boat dock and they would start with 3 torpedoes that once fired would go in a straight line to kill boats or the side of a base, they should cost more then a missile boat, and maybe be able to research and carry one large missile instead of 3 torpedoes that locks onto planes or bases, the submarine would cost alot, like $170-$220

A battleship or destroyer! a boat the size of 3-4 gunboat that would have multiple gunboat turrets and one exploding cannonball turret maybe, would be $150-$200.

Change fighters to light bombers, and add interceptors, which are designed specifically to take out enemy planes. the current fighter cant really do that effectively.

Ability to research better defense.

More planes, heavy bombers maybe, a plane that 2 people could control? one in the back? like if there is a 2 player heavy bomber on the runway you can press Tab and select get in ect ect.

Keep updating this game it is amazing man.

Azbec-Azreal said...

That would be awesome!
One person flying and bomb aiming, the other person on a little turret to protect the bomber (the player in the turret or the pilot should be able to be killed though).
Please, Alex! Make a version that supports openGL 1.5/1.4!

Dan said...

You can run a dedicated server by adding -dedicated to the shortcut you launch the game with. Setup your multiplayer settings in the game, quit and relaunch it using a dedicated server shortcut.

Tyga said...

i agree with Chance and Azbec-Azreal

I played this game forever and once i seen the video of the update, i got so very happy.

we really need an opengl version 1.4/1.5 because i bet alot of people have intel cards

Unknown said...

Alex, what a fantastic game. It's a blast. My thoughts:

1) Research is a great way to pace the game and reduce griefing. But in the endgame, the lab becomes useless and only capitols are targeted. Maybe make it so that if the lab is destroyed, you start losing research in the order it was applied?

2) The red predictive bomb sight makes bombing much easier, maybe too easy! Now, a standard strategy is to climb above the defense turrets' range, then just autopilot and wait for the crosshairs to line up. Maybe increase the ceiling of the defense guns?

3) The capitol seems too easy to hit, and often is the only building worth attacking. Maybe make it cheaper to rebuild, so there's more incentive to bomb mines or factories and cripple opponents' economies?

4) I can never remember the names of cities. Ein, Ada, Mar, I always have to look it up. Could you give them an icon or color on city tower to help remember them apart?

5) The grey mid-game barrier is a great idea, but is a little too closed off. Maybe play around with algorithms to generate it with more of a lagoon-and-creek structure? That way boats could have a better view of the sky.

6) What if you made the missle boat's missles homing?

Talisman said...

Hey, its me again. i've gathered a group of people and introduced them to the game and they love it, so theres a steady average of 12 people online ATM because of me :)

im also running a dedicated server for them using my very smooth internet, we can do 4 vs 4 versus on the biggest map with NO lag at all but heres the problem

I WANT TO MAKE IT MORE PEOPLE! i changed the maximum number of people in a game to 32 but it still just says 8. WTF why would there be an option to choose that if it doesent change anything. i really want to stretch this and see how much this game can handle, if i could i want to do a 20 vs 20 that would be amazing. but as of right now im stuck with small games.

Does anyone know how to host a server where you can acctually increase the maximum number of players to alot?

Also some suggestions for a new version:

Ground Fighter - $120 - has a auto cannon with 20-30 rounds that fires the red cannon balls (or maybe a slightly nerfed version of them) and can be equipped if researched with 3x 35kg bombs maybe?

Tanker Ship - $50-70 - Has double or triple the amount of storage for Trading goods, but pretty large and a little slower then normal cargo boat

Cant think of anything else, but yeah i really want to play with more then 8 people come on!

Alex Austin said...

Yeah there was a bug that doesn't let the max players go above 8, I've upload a fix that you can download here:

Alex Austin said...

That should be .zip above

Talisman said...

AH thanks man it works now!

Also, do you have any info on future updates? thanks.

Alex Austin said...

I'll try and have another update next week, I'll try and have an OpenGL 1.4 compatible version. Other than that probably a few fixes and maybe a new vehicle or two.

Unknown said...

As far as night navigation goes. I think there should just be city lights. a few lights on top of buildings, ect ect. but not a full blow night vision! i dunno though. such as run way lights. Also this game is super choppy when more than like 8 ppl join. I dunno how to fix that on my end, so if anyone has advice, please deliever! This game is too cool though, Alex. many thanks!

Alex Austin said...

It's best to run a dedicated server even if you're playing on the same machine.

Alex Austin said...

Also if you can try raising the bandwidth if you have a good connection.

Talisman said...

Awesome, im very excited for for the new update,

Heres some suggestions as always lol

Different maps with different size islands (like the standard is like 4x4 or 5x5, well one map could be one 10x10 base vs another 10x10 with maybe a 4x4 in the middle,

Also option to refuel at neutral bases, But it will cost money, like $20-40 for a full tank, so you can use neutral bases, but only if you got the cash.

Different types of defence, Cannon Defence (The current one that explodes in air like flak) or Gun Defence - Very rapid fire like gunboat guns but dont explode.
Ability to research maybe a defence missile, that shoots one missile that homes in on the target for 4 seconds and then goes dumb and explodes.

Maybe a helicopter style vehicle? with a gun turret.

Anyways cant wait to see the next update, i'll have my high speed internet dedicated server up as much as i can. Thanks man.

Unknown said...

Wait a sec...

2) The red predictive bomb sight makes bombing much easier, maybe too easy!

How on earth had I missed that? I should look at the help more often!

Unknown said...

Having now tried the bomb sight, yeah it's a bit overpowered, especially once you realise that if you slam the throttle to 0, the impact point effectively sits still, so you can land an entire stack of 4 bombs on the same spot.

Skiv said...

Where did you find the shortcut for this? Or yet better, the help file.
Or, how did you find out how to use it. cause i was unable to find it D:. Please tell

Skiv said...

Ok. Wow. I found it. now its so easy... For everyone else. While flying a bomber, press E for the autopilot, and then ' 2 ' for the bomb view. Just center the crosshair with the red one, and wham! Drop the bombs with SPACE

Unknown said...

Alex - I take back my comment about the city defenses. Their range is enough to make attacks by boat difficult but not impossible.

Perhaps the city defense range could be measured with a cylinder or ellipse, so defenses could reach high flying bombers without making ship attacks impossible?

Also, Chance's server rocks. :) -A

Talisman said...

Thanks Anthill Haha.

Also, alex i hope im not being annoying but do you know around what day next week you might be able to have an update? And Could you maybe give us some hints on what the 1 or 2 new vehicles will be or some fixes, i understand if you want to keep it secret though.

Also I love how if you get the most valuable award you get to be your coat of arms color very awesome! You should add rewards for Best Bomber and Best Fighter, Best Boater ect ect.

Also for an idea on a new missile type maybe Precision missile boat (costs a little more then missile boat), That has 1 or 2 missiles that after launch you can control their flight for a while.

And if you plan on adding a ground attack fighter, precision missile that you can control after launch.

Anyways, im very excited for the new updated cant wait man.

Tyga said...

"I'll try and have another update next week, I'll try and have an OpenGL 1.4 compatible version."

YESS! my dream has come true!...

...i came alittle

coolguy1 said...

bring back smoke from the earlier versions it looks better than the puffs we have now

Iapetus said...

I like this game, but it sounds like it takes a lot out of my laptop. Every time I run it, my laptop's fans start running very, very fast. Is this bad? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

I've been running the game in windowed mode, at 1024 X 768, with all the video extras turned off (things like shadows, and whatnot). The only thing I have turned on in the video options menu is "Low Detail". My laptop is only a few years old.

coolguy1 said...

add smoke from previous versions it looked cooler

coolguy1 said...

also bring back the free for all game mode

Unknown said...

Alex, one more suggestion (if you're not sick of them already). The small map (1v1) is fun to dogfight in, but the money supply is too little for it to be fun. People crash, run out of money, and complain.

Could the amount of money that a capitol gives be proportional to either the number of players or the size of the map?

sasquatch90210 said...

After reading all of the suggestions, I would suggest lights for the runway, just enough to get a good landing. I would also suggest lights on the end of the peirs and inside the hangars. Night vision, although it sounds cool, is just over the top for now.

I do like the idea about a submarine, but to allow this, there has to be some way for the boats to get them underwater. Some sort of depth charge. If it caries missiles, it should take some time to either arm them or open silo doors.

The defense should have some additional research capabilities, ie: New ammo, larger size, etc.
(Flac cannon may be interesting)

I await v. 0.77

Iapetus said...

Er . . . can anyone help me? :/
*points to previous post*

Alex Austin said...

The nighttime is intended to be a break, that's why you can't respawn or see anything. I think eventually I'll have options for the amount of time and whether there is night fighting or not. If I put in landing lights I would probably have to make it so people can't fire weapons.

lapetus: You could try running at a lower resolution with full screen.

Anthill: Yeah the economy on that map doesn't generate a lot of money, I will probably have a dogfighting mode in the next update though.

Iapetus said...

Alex: Thanks! I'll try that.

Iapetus said...

Meh, it took longer for the fans to get that fast, but they still did it. Oh well.

Unknown said...

The fans running is not the end of the world really.

Unknown said...

After a fair bit of thought I'd say leave night time as it is.

It is possible to do things at night if you're already alive, but it's very difficult to compensate for the advantage you can get.

If you launch a bomber just at sunset, and fly carefully by the stars the fuel will last till dawn, and you can set yourself up at over 3,000' 10 seconds out from an enemy city and give them no chance to intercept you.

If everyone could see at night it'd make it pointless, and take away the tactical switch you have to make at about 13:40 to get yourself home safe, or set yourself up for the short night. I think landing lights would make cities too easy to attack at night, they'd give bombers a too easy way of finding their target, and even attacking it in the small hours.

Unknown said...

Alex, I swear I've found the Big Dipper, Polaris, and Cassiopeia in the night sky... are you subliminally teaching gamers orienteering?

Iapetus said...

JohnG: Meh. They were just running faster than I thought was normal. Had me a mite worried, is all. Afraid it meant my laptop was getting too hot or something. :/

So I shouldn't worry about 'em after all? :D

Talisman said...

The fans are designed to cool your laptop, they're just doing their job.

Alex, could you give us an estimate for when this week(or next) you release the update?

Tyga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tyga said...

i do hope the update comes sooner then later, because my xbox 360 just broke and im craving to blow something up (in a game of course,but my box does deserve it....)

Alex Austin said...

I'll try to have the update by Friday.

sasquatch90210 said...


I await v. 0.77

Tyga said...

yessss! 2 more days. and i am going to ebgames to buy my new ps3, do you guys have ps3? if so what is your psn?

fuck xbox.
im not going to buy a new one for it to break again

Unknown said...

Hey Alex,

Don't let the clamoring hordes stress you out any. Will be exciting to see what you come up with. Chance and I were chatting about starting some kind of A New Zero Wiki to help noobs learn the game, and possibly to save you having to generate all your own content if you ever add in-game help.

On another note, was playing around with missile boats today trying to figure out how well they work. They definitely require the most puzzling over the controls to figure out. Some suggestions to make them more accessible (in order of severity):

- Changing the red crosshairs to a predictive display like the bomber's bomb sight... so you could estimate range directly

- Keep the regular red crosshairs, but animate it by lengthening the vertical line with increasing launch angle? That way it's easier to learn that right-dragging changes both angle and distance.

- Setting the default angle to the maximum range (71-ish)

- Giving the missile boat more ammo (6) or larger explosions

Talisman said...

just created
everyone, check it out and add pages.

Alex if you dont want a wiki just let me know and i will delete it.

Alex Austin said...

Anthill: I like the idea of changing the crosshairs based on angle, the predictive target would be a lot harder to calculate than bombs, also it would be hard to see where it would hit from the boat's view.

chance: Wiki sounds good, I'll try to add more info on the website soon and put a link to the wiki.

sasquatch90210 said...

I've just added a capitol page to the wiki.

2 days till v 0.77!

I continue to await v. 0.77

Tyga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tyga said...

Today feels like christmas.

are you guys going to make a forum?

Talisman said...

Use the wiki as a forum!

on everypage you can start a "discussion".

And yes it feels like christmas for me to :P

Tyga said...

shouldent be long now... i had been hitting f5 for like 3 hours LOL i give up

Alex Austin said...

I won't have it ready until later tonight, if you have any last minute requests now would be the time to request them.

Tyga said...

i dont really have any requests because i dident really get to play the last version, but maybe some kind of cheats for single player? ( like console commands or something)

PS. it was just a suggestion, i do NOT need to cheat, i just think it would add alitle replay value and fun ( to single player )

Talisman said...

New things to research and more freedom with equipping your vehicles with weapons with tab in the hangar or dock. (Choosing no gun on the fighter for room for another 56kg bomb or better fuel economy)

Ability to chose the starting money for both teams when you host a server.

Tacers after fast moving projectiles at night.

Ability to use droptanks on cargo planes for a longer trading range.

More awards for different things! dont have to give rewards to player like most valued player award does.

Link to the wiki on the download page under fan sites :) its

Thats all i can think of at the moment, of course some of these might not be possible or take to long and its fine if you dont use these, i cant wait for the update :)

Tyga said...

oh, maybe when planes gib or when buildings gib the flying debris could maybe float in the water, (still being physics props) then boats could collide with them or something?

maybe even a map editor or a vehicle editor? (i know that wont be possible anytime soon) you could also have an atachment for planes to glide on water ( if you know what im talking about)

Talisman said...

Ah yes nice tyga, researchable water skids so you can land and take off from water with out after burner.

Also my friend wanted me to suggest a researchable spot-light for the plane, so you can look around with a narrow beam of light at night maybe.

Tyga said...

Wow, the suspense is really building LOL

well its almost 12 here and i think im off to bed, hope to play some ANZ tomorrow

Unknown said...

Ok so I have been trying to find the newest version but can still only get v.6. Any ideas?

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