Friday, January 15, 2010

A New Zero 0.77 Beta

Download: A New Zero 0.77 Beta

I'll try and post more info and get a full setup this weekend. In the meantime play it and check out the Wiki.


Iapetus said...

Sir? I'm having trouble installing this new version. :/

The zip folder contains a single icon, labeled "anewzero077beta". Double-clicking on this icon brings up the warning message titled "Unable to Locate Component" which reads "This application has failed to start because SDL.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem".

Talisman said...

you have to drag the exe into your old a new zero folder.

Im loving the update alex, i like the new research system we can see who is researching what on our team better. and i love the new vehicles.

Current bugs:

i built 3 labratories and after researching one thing instantly all my other things were researched, maybe this is meant to happen since 3 labratories is a lot or not idk.

on the Attack plane there is option to carry 2x64kg missiles but theres no where to research it and i cant click it.

Thats all i've found so far


A Gun ship to compliment the missile ship, with a few more turrets and more explosive balls.

After releasing missiles or bombs option to press space to detonate them when you want.

Well im pretty tired, will have the server up tomorrow.

Iapetus said...

Thanks! That seems to have fixed it! ^^

Tyga said...

yay! i woke up to this! :D :D :D

Tyga said...

damn, i have spoke to soon, i am still getting open gl error, maybe you can fix this over the weekend for me?( and other intel card owners)

Azbec-Azreal said...

Still no GL 1.5 compatible version >_>

Talisman said...

Alex, in the config i changed gametype to 2 and was delighted to see that when is started it was the old deathmatch style but i couldent spawn anywhere, could you please fix this.

Also i had a poll on the wiki about what new vehicles people would like to see in future versions of a new zero and 21 people voted, i thought it might be interesting for you to see the results

A lot of people want ground vehicles but in my opinion i just think they would not fit in.

Also i had an idea for vehicles that 2 or more people could control, the missile ship should have 2 cannons since it costs as much as a capitol and if a player has a missile ship in the dock teamates should be able to press TAB > Players and it should say there is one spot open in a missile boat and if you click on their coat of arms on the player list you enter the persons missile boat as a second pilot box that controls a turret near the back maybe? that would be neat.

Also, in the next version you should make different types of weapons to add more variety, since right now theres just different size bombs and missiles, maybe like bombs that explode near the ground and shoot out 4-5 mini bombs, missiles that you can control for a short time, different turret weapons ect ect.

Also, we need a Gun Ship to compliment the missile ship :)

Well i will be having fun in this version and will keep testing it.

coolguy1 said...

If there is a really large ship it should be controllable by anyone on the team like in battle field 1942. Basically it would. Be a mobile base.

Also I think the attack plane should look like an A-10 warthog. Also instead of landing a mobile base ship a mobile Zeppelin base.

coolguy1 said...

By Gunship do you guys mean helicopters?

Alex Austin said...

There's some vehicles I'd like to do but they will take some time to do, large ships would be cool but I need to figure out a damage model for them. I probably will do a naval gunship like the missile ship, or maybe just have a large turret that the missile ship can use.

I will work on getting the OpenGL 1.4 version, I ran out of time yesterday so that's why it's just a beta.

Tyga said...

Thanks alex!!!!! will open gl 1.4 be done by next weekend?

Unknown said...


Great update, I like the new, sparser midground terrain, and I looooove the missle ship. The only weakness now seems to be lag in single & multiplayer games. A little balancing and this one's a keeper.

Unknown said...

Alex: one more bug - on really high-angle missile ship peacemaker shots, sometimes the projectile vanishes in mid air towards the end of the flight. Do missiles time-out?

coolguy1 said...

Anthill i think that missiles timing out is intentional but peacekeepers should probably last longer

Alex Austin said...

I'm working on a new version with some fixes, the missile timeout should be fixed, also there was some bugs with restarting and the player ready system. The lag should be fixed also. I've got it OpenGL 1.1 compatible, it looks like shit but it works. It's pretty late here so I'll put it up tomorrow after some more testing. Let me know if there's any other issues, has that research bug happened again chance?

Unknown said...

Is it just me or are the peacekeeper missiles massively inaccurate?

If I set the angle to about 75, and fire all 4 in a row, even with a slight touch of reverse between each shot to compensate for the slight knock at launch, they can fly massively different trajectories and miss by half an island at just ~400meters.

Also I have a fairly big problem on one of my computers. The game just runs at the wrong speed in 0.77Beta. What I mean is that the framerate is the same as in .76 but game-time passes at about 1/3rd of the right rate.

Unknown said...

Ah-ha... I've just found a weird link. If I stop winamp from playing, the game runs at normal speed near enough.

Talisman said...

Yeah alex, its happened a few times its pretty random, when researching with 2 or more labratories (could happen with one maybe) after researching one thing at the normal speed suddenly all the other things take 1-3 seconds to research and then its done.

Also, in some large games sometimes all the awards are not gotten so it just says for example profeteer:
and no name, could you make it so if no one gets the award the award doesent show up. Also more awards would always be cool :)

And yeah johnG, i think its balanced, at such a long distance like 400 the meer slight rocking of the boat will throw the missiles way off course over long distances so you have to release them at the right time.

Heres another poll from the wiki about what people want to see in future versions of a new zero
looks like more vehicles is the winner.

Cant wait for the update with the fixes.

Tyga said...
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Tyga said...

sorry for bugging you alex (even more) but i have been waiting for this moment since february, may i please ask to atleast see some screen shots of the open gl 1.1 compatible version? ( i have been playing .74 for ever)

coolguy1 said...

hey can you add sparks when things are rubbing against other things?

like wings skidding along the airfield

the sparks probably shouldn't appear unless you are going fast or something

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