Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We made a first-person hockey game in a week.

Use WASD and the mouse
left mouse button looks at puck
right mouse button for mouse look also lean for checking
space bar to jump
mouse wheel to tilt stick
enter to chat

Shift F5 to restart game

Version 0.54

-added switch teams (press 0) during warmup or intermission
-added kick player
-added direct ip
-fixed disappearing puck bug
-fixed overtime ending bug
-fixed jumping exploit

Version 0.53

-fixed net code more

Version 0.52

-net code improved

Version 0.51

-fixed chat bug
-fixed player in wrong body bug
-fixed invisible ice bug?
-fixed game over on client
-fixed assist
-client controls a little better


DeKapral said...

This is really fun. Even managed to find a person to play against. Controls are pretty awesome, I have to say. Although while looking at the puck it's difficult to tell which way you're moving, maybe a small arrow under your feet could show you which way you're facing?

Also, when hosting a server, pressing F1 kicked the other person.

Will you set a community play date for this?

polimerjones said...

awesome game. keep it up!

Sam O said...

As far as I have experienced it is the player with the highest speed who falls when you run in to each other (tackle). Shouldn't it be the player that is tackled who falls?

Otherwise, this is a great party-game :D

Reusable-Box said...

Yo bro, what ports this be using?

Alex Austin said...

@DeKapral Yeah we're still working on the view system, we'll be trying to get some games going next week, probably in the afternoon here (PST)

@polimerjones thanks!

@Sam You can lean into the other player by using the right mouse button and looking downward.

@Reusable-Box UDP 27585

Anonymous said...

This could be a Boards of Canada music video. Can I have the soundtrack?

lobstilops said...

Man this is so amazing. If you guys continued development and maybe added like face-offs and penalties it would be so much better then it already is. I think if you could like trip other players with your stick it would be great although that might get confusing.

All in all this is a great game and I say keep working on it! This could be the future of all sports games!

DRJT said...

This does look very good.

lobstilops said...

Hey just posting to inquire something. Recently with the new update there has been really bad lag for matches 3v3 and up. I don't know if you know this or not, just a heads up. It is virtually impossible to play 5v5's and 4v4's now. Hope you can find a solution :D

Unknown said...

hi lobstilops, it's braggadocio :3

anyways, yeah the lag is horrible. which is understandable given that you put this game up so quickly.

as far as suggestions go, a goalie option would be nice. players are already occasionally setting up makeshift goaltenders themselves

Alex Austin said...

You can edit the config.txt and increase the servermaxbytespersecond which will help if you have the bandwidth. I'm working on better compression for the next version which will help a lot, but for now that's the only fix.

We are thinking about adding a goalie also.

polimerjones said...

I know this is probably a dumb question, but I was looking in the config file and saw joystick. Is there a way to use a gamepad (xbox360-pc) with this. that would be awesome and if so can someone explain how to setup?

Lee said...

reminds me of http://www.golfquestionmark.com/

I am greatly looking forward to future updates!

tim said...

It would be nice if in the next version you included way to connect using IP. My friends and I are having trouble connecting using the server browser as the servers we create don't show up.

Unknown said...

I agree with Tim, having a remote IP option would be swell! Gee that sure would make me a happy camper :)

laserpanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
laserpanda said...

Some suggestions from myself and other members of Facepunch:

-Dedicated servers

-Option for servers to automatically start another match without pressing F1.

-Option to not allow spectators

-Option to change period length

-don't allow sticks to go through player's backs.

-Replay feature

-Thinner Goalposts

-a way to choose your position before the match

-For custom texture purposes: don't use the same texture for front and back of jerseys, and make the text on the back not have the colored rectangle around it.

-"call for pass" button

-fighting (Maybe just during intermissions)

-ability to block with body (or at least with your skates)

-show players names above them in spectator mode

AnDy_nin.Ja said...

Awesome game... But Golf? was better!
I'm still waiting full version!

Alex McArdle said...

You wouldn't happen to be open sourcing this would you? :)

Fox said...

Simple suggestion, when you host a server have a checkbox option to 'Force even teams', so that teams can't have more than +1 on another.

So games could be:

Attention Horse said...

We like this game.


Talisman said...


Wheres the coat of arms? :D

Also maybe classes? Pick between Scorer (current model) Goalie (Slower but bigger paddle or something) and defender (fast and very stable)

I don't even know, this game is just amazing, ALSO 10 vs 10, make it happen! I guarantee someone has a server that could handle that many.

Also, what about a first person basketball game with this style? I think that would be amazing,

Anyways, there are really no problems with this hockey game other then it's slightly clunky and it's very hard to score which makes the games not very action filled, having the score at 1 - 0 after 10 minutes of play time isn't very fun :(

Anyways, good work.

laserpanda said...

"I don't even know, this game is just amazing, ALSO 10 vs 10, make it happen! I guarantee someone has a server that could handle that many."

Already possible by setting the number of players in config.

"Anyways, there are really no problems with this hockey game other then it's slightly clunky and it's very hard to score which makes the games not very action filled, having the score at 1 - 0 after 10 minutes of play time isn't very fun :("
Once you get used to the controls it isn't too difficult.

Talisman said...

Well, I have a problem, I'm trying to host a server but no matter what I do it won't show up in the server list for others, I have 27585 forwarded and it still doesn't work, my friend confirms that it doesn't show up in the server list and no one ever joins.

Whats wrong? Do i have to forward some other port or what?

Simmehh said...

I really want to play this online.
Forwarded the 27585 port like I do for other games I play, but getting a forever 'connecting..' message.

Some help for those of us who can't play would be good :)

Jóžka said...

Hi, First of all I'd like to say that Hockey? is fantastic game with good gameplay and alot of fun. I'm playing this since version 0.50 and WE LOVE IT (me nad my friend :D). Some suggestions:
*Spectator mode - with freelook mode (like in counterstrike) and option to change view on each player from firstperson or thirdperson.
* Goalies - with full PADS,GLOVE,BLOCKER,STICK control
*Better models (with animations) - it can be without the animations :D
*Bigger FOV (Field of View) - so we can see whole stick ;)

mmelvis said...

I've recently been having problems with my mouse wheel. No problems with the game, just old hardware. Is there any way I could change the input for tilting the stick?

Brad Johnson said...

one of the funnest games Iv played for a long time. cant wait for more updates :D

Ari said...

this is one of the greatest sports games i've ever player, maybe the greatest. please keep developing it, i'd pay money for this game.

Ari said...

P.S. I set up an IRC channel - irc.synirc.net #hockey. Come join and let's get some organized games going!

denmax said...

We played it on 2v2, then 3v3, then to the point of 5v5. The earlier games are of 300 ping, and the other games are of <100 ping.


b said...

any chance of a mac version?

Koffein said...

Loving it, but you should include a teabag button+animation in a future update. Apart from that, it is perfect as it is ;D

Unknown said...

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Alex said...

Alex, why in the game hockey can not find server friend? We have to play through the program Hamachi.

Anonymous said...

What with the game server? Doesn't search for the servers, just "connecting" or "unable to connect"

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Also, when hosting server, press F1 played each other.
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Unknown said...

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