Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hockey? Mac?

Hockey? for the Mac is now available, and there's a new Windows build with improved stick handling.


Press 1 or 2 to join red or blue team
Press 0 during warmup or intermission to switch teams

Use WASD and the mouse
left mouse button looks at puck
right mouse button for mouse look, also lean for checking
space bar to jump
mouse wheel to tilt stick
enter to chat
Shift F5 to restart game

Also more fun with Google translations of Hockey? reviews:

Well, a very fun game from Cryptic Sea . Represents a such simulation hockey with a first-person.
Multiplayer - a generator of pain management for very peculiar. Play a lot of fun if you gather a small group in Skype - without communicating somehow not.



Kirill Kucherov said...

Thanks! Already we wait the new version!

Kirill Kucherov said...
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Kirill Kucherov said...
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tommis said...

Hockey? Linux?

... said...

Any chance of getting a version of this I can run as a dedicated server?

William said...

I just found the game and I love it! I'd love to see sounds implemented in a future update. Keep up the good work man!

grenvill said...

fuck yeah!

egpheel said...

for some reason my game freezes after about one minute playing on a server.
everything freezes but my stick :(

Alex Austin said...

@tommis Yes?
@... Yes also

Anonymous said...

This is absolute awesome condensed into simplicity.

mediocreatleast said...

Is there any possible way that sometime in the future you might be able to make a first person football game? My friends and I love the simplicity and chaos of hockey and golf and we crave a computer based football game. Keep up the amazing work.

John said...

This game is so awesome! Just found out about it today, and me and about 5 other friends have been playing it non-stop! Please keep working on this game.. its so awesome! Thank you so much for making such a fun game!

Show you said...

My accompany and I adulation the artlessness 免费VPN and anarchy of hockey and golf and we crave a computer based football game

Anonymous said...

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Anjali Rathod said...

Nice post but I need a good, reliable Dedicated Server. I can use personally and recommend to others. Any ideas?