Sunday, June 10, 2012

7DFPS Day 3

I'm getting a late start today, but I'll hopefully be able to get the multiplayer working.  Yesterday I added ragdolls, which makes it a lot more fun to shoot stuff.  I want to get a basic playable prototype either by tomorrow or Tuesday, with multiplayer games it's important to test it out early.  I still need to figure out ways of enforcing or encouraging players to not just kill each other any chance they get, without being too gamey.

Live stream going up here:


coolguy1 said...

Well the only way to make score or to win should be to get the MacGuffins. Maybe if you kill your re-spawn timer goes up? Killing makes the police come after you?

Just some ideas.

Norgg said...

Every time someone kills someone else flash up a name, age, role in life and some set of relationships, like "Bob, 24, Cheesemaker, Father of 2".