Monday, June 11, 2012

7DFPS Day 4

I've been thinking about the design for the game, I have a vision for a basic mission I'm going to attempt for the first prototype.  There's 3 teams, A,B, and C, Team A starts with an item that B and C want.  Team B starts with money, Team C starts with none, so A and B will try to make a deal while C will try to find where the other teams are and kill them. At the end there will be scoring for each team based on their goals, Team A wants as much cash as possible, Teams B and C want the item and cash.  The idea is heavily inspired by Dark Business, a mission for ARMA 2 (and apparently going back to Operation Flashpoint) made by a Shack Tactical member.  Eventually I would like to have a persistent server where items will spawn, and events like this will happen naturally.

The theme I'm going with for now is the teams are syndicates, like in the game Syndicate.  Team A might be a running a corporation that can't use the item, while the other teams can use the item to increase their profits.  I still need a name, so if you have any ideas post them in the comments.

One thing that will be important for this to work well is vehicles, I'm planning on adding a few cars and maybe a van.  I would really like to be able to have AI controlled vehicles so players could try to blend in or lose pursuers, but that might be too ambitious for a 7 day game jam.  Maybe if there was 8 days.  The city does need to be fairly big with places to do hidden deals, so I'll be working on that today also.  I was able to get the basic server/client system working yesterday, as well as a system for weapons and other items.

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Simply Business

laserpanda said...

Sub Rosa?

coolguy1 said...

Deal? or Business?

coolguy1 said...

More names

Thank you for doing business.

A Simple Transaction.

A New Deal.