Wednesday, June 13, 2012

7DFPS Day 6

I now have the vehicles and multiplayer working decently, still need to work on the shooting, items and game logic.  Later today I'm hopefully going to do some multiplayer tests, once I add some basic objectives.  I'll be working on the graphics also, I just added shadows, shouldn't be too hard to put in a few other effects as well.  I've been thinking about the city layout, right now it's all on a grid but I want to change it up some to make it more interesting.

I've given up on the live stream for now, it's really choppy and it slows down the game when I run it, especially if I run two clients to test multiplayer.  I'll probably turn it on every once in a while to show some of the progress.


Diogo S. Moraes said...

I would like to help out on multiplayer testing if need be. Really digging the progress so far :D


I like.

markovich said...

WOW. 7 days, and a complete game comes out... You're truely incredible.