Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sub Rosa 0.06

Download: http://www.crypticsea.com/subrosa/

UPDATE: Mac Version is up
Version 0.06b has some new voice chat options, and a basic help

The Linux dedicated server doesn't have any dependencies so it should run on any server.  I'll do a Linux client once I get the video card drivers working, which could be never.



Items (cash, disk) need to be put in the safe room in the base, once all items are in safes the round ends, the items don't disappear when dropped in the base anymore.

Teams have randomly assigned roles, and sometimes two teams will have money to buy the disk.

Scoring is different, cash is worth $250 per block, if you lose it you lose that money.  Disk value is in the mission briefing.

New mission type:
Acquisition:  All teams try to intercept an AI controlled car and take the disk

How the voice chat works:
In the voice options menu  you can configure to broadcast voice when over a minimum level or use push to talk (hold a key while talking to broadcast)

Cell phones:
Press Number pad 1-3 to call another team in dialing mode, Press Number pad 0 to answer/hang up.  Left-click to toggle talking and dialing (voice is only transmitted when in talking mode)

Yeah I know it sucks.

Things I'm still working on:
Weapon purchasing
Vehicle purchasing
Fixing up voice chat
Item interface (cell phone, cash)
Client admin
More missions
Face options/editor
Lots of graphics fixes/improvements


DanteNumero said...

Hey alex, I'm so glad the update is finally out, but do you know when/if your going to make the game compatible with OpenGL 1.1 like you did with A new Zero I'd love to be able to play this but untill then It won't let me T-T

Oliver Lataste said...

So pumped. Thanks!

Spike Tickner said...

Helllllll yessss!

Of all the development blogs I'm following this is surely been my most anticipated.

The feel of this is getting pretty syndicate, but I'm sure that would be one of your inspirations from the start. Love it.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to playing this, but a little sad that boxman is being given facial features. He's starting to sink into the Uncanny Valley.

Captain White Phoenix said...

O.K, so, I've got a few issues:

1. You need an in-game help/info text. Rather, just put a Info/FAQ readme file in the game folder.

2. I absolutely don't understand how the telephone system works, at all. When it is dialing, when it is not, how to talk and such.

Also, as for the basic voice talk, why not make it push to talk?

Finally, how do I adjust the transmit volume? What keys are the bracket keys?

3. Voice chat in a game that has such netcode problems isn't good, at all. :/
The game is still nigh-unplayable at pings like 100 (I have a good PC and no CPU-affinity issues), and it just lags like crazy at any ping higher than, like, 70.

4. What's with the faces for the characters? Remove that, asap.

5. The whole "dynamic" mission thing is awesome, good job with that. Keeps the game fresh, and moving.

6. I don't understand, how do we choose whether the game is a normal team vs team vs team match, and how to we change it to be one of those "Players vs CPU" type missions?
Is that also just a possibility with the random objectives?

So, remove the faces, keep working on the netcode, add "push to talk" instead of continual transmition, and make a tutorial for using the phones.

If you made a video showcasing how to properly communicate with phones, that would be sick.

Rather, if you made "Patch Spotlight" videos, that would be grand, as well.

coolguy1 said...

Awesome another update.

\ said...

Fuuuuuuuuuuck yes.

dionvc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dionvc said...

Oh and, on the topic the new player models, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that they really do not fit the theme of the game. I enjoyed the older player models much more. No offence is intended towards you of course.

Unknown said...

Please, fix car leaving, it's frustrating

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I appreciate that the briefing is in full sentence to create the style and atmosphere of the game but it is very impractical in its current form; no one reads it.

I think if you highlight certain words in colours, such as team names (in their respective colours), the disk and the value then it should be easy to scan over and see what needs to be done (also would be useful if the map could have coloured areas too).

Here's a quick mockup as an example:

The phone definitely needs to have the controls written on them, I made a mockup in paint:

Lastly, we need to see team mates' names in game, and who is talking in spectator/team select screen to kick/tell the people with bad/broken microphones.

Also an indicator of when you are talking (display the main menu bar when talking?) so that people will know when their mic is broadcasting when it is so maybe they could fix it before they get kicked.

Also voice chat is way too low to be practical and the quality is abysmal.

I was going to do a big event with my group on this version but I won't be able to organize something with all the explaining of features I'd need to do in this game's current state :(

Alex Austin said...

So is the voice chat choppy or just low quality? I have the quality setting pretty low right now to keep the bandwidth down. I'll be fixing up the voice chat interface soon.

coolguy1 said...

I had to turn the sensitivity in game to as high as it would go. I heard another player constantly cutting out. It also sounded low quality.

Push to talk would probably work better but it also seems against the spirit of the game.

Also all of the guns shoot down and to the right of where you aim. I don't know if that intentional though.

dionvc said...

I have an inquiry as to the state of the old gamemode... has it been phased out or is just not implemented in this update? Will the old gamemode be included with the full 0.6 version? Thanks.

Alex Austin said...

@Spike Yeah Syndicate is one of the inspirations, Sub Rosa takes place in an alternate 1980s America though.

@dionvc The old game mode is in there, if there's only one team it automatically does acquisition mode, otherwise it's randomly either acquisition or the old transaction mode. The team roles are random now though.

DanteNumero said...

T-T firstly Alex don't scare me like that again! but at least you told us that you might quit instead of just leaving :D but I don't want to spam my problem about OpenGL but I'd love to play the game...I talked about it in the first comment...

dionvc said...

@alex austin yeah I noticed, it's just there were practically no players on for quite a long time, so yeah.

Unknown said...

>So is the voice chat choppy or just low quality?

It's low quality but also really quiet; very hard to understand what people are saying, almost impossible while driving.

The low quality kinda works for the phone but it just sounds wrong when you hear it coming from someone infront or while spectating/in the team select.

The low quality is really bad when someone has some background noise and especially if they've not configered their activation level in the main menu.

Also, unrelated but I've noticed that you don't automatically join spectator team after the round ends anymore which I think is a bad thing because people often go AFK after they die and now they're thrown back into the game and are stood at the spawn delaying match ends (if everyone else dies), potentially for several rounds.

Captain White Phoenix said...

Unfortunately, the voice quality is is very bad AND choppy, and as others have said, overall it's pretty quiet.
Lag doesn't help. :/

But as for simple things that need fixing, I think that you can see that most of us don't like the faces.

Unknown said...

I would also like to chime in on the voice chat:
Right now the game is unplayable because of no push-to-talk.
everybody has their sound routed to the speakers, creating terrible echo.
This becomes unbearable when you drive, as all the engine noise will be echoed from all teammates.

The only option for playing the game now, seems to be to turn off sound.
Also, griefing has become so easy, with no mute options you don't even have to kill everybody, you can just scream in the mic.

so please add:
1: push to talk
2: ability to turn off voice chat
3: ability to mute 10 year olds screaming in the mic.

all the other stuff is great.

Alex Austin said...

@White Phoenix I think you can see I don't care what you think.

@Martin Yeah I thought that might happen with the AFK problem, maybe for now I'll put it back to resetting teams.

DanteNumero said...

@White Phoenix I fucking love the faces >,> there fore your wrong my good man! >,>

dionvc said...

I have an inquiry into the state of the faces. In multiplayer it appears to be caved in. In singleplayer, however, you can see the eyes. Is that a glitch? On the lines of voice chat, very well done, the quality isn't too bad and I like the fact that distance affects sound.

Unknown said...

Just played 0.06b, gameplay is improved in every way from 0.05. Great job.

My only criticism is the level of backstory, explanation, etc. There's a tradeoff between players having no idea what to do, and being invited to fill in the game with their imagination. That being said, in 0.03, most peoples imaginations were about gangs trading cocaine and marijuana. Your call.

M@ said...

nice :D

Alex Austin said...

@dionvc Yeah that's a bug, eventually the faces will be customizable, right now the server creates random positions for the eyes but I forgot to send that to the client, so the eyes are in the middle of the head.

Unknown said...

Thanks for update 0.6b!
it makes the game playable and awesome again!

DanteNumero said...

@Alex Austin what do you mean by Fixing video card drivers?

dionvc said...

@alexaustin What gamemodes do you plan for the future? Will there be a singleplayer with active AI perhaps? I like the game, one of your most promising, aside of A new zero, although we haven't gotten a version of that in ages. And yeah, I figured something was wrong with the client<->server connections that caused the face issue.

Edward Rech. said...

The latest one inot working on Mac. The graphics and everything do not work. Only the menu. Wine (makes. Exe files work) fixes that, but this isn't a solution. It lags then. And the font is SO SMALL. Everything else? Looks good, but needs moar people.

Alex Austin said...

@Edward It works on my Mac, you need to give me more information if you expect me to fix it, like which version of cat your OSX is.

@dionvc I might add a few singleplayer/coop missions but the main focus is multiplayer. ANZ update coming soon

@Dante I meant fixing the video card drivers on my Ubuntu Linux install, that's the one thing I hate about Linux, trying to get the video card drivers working.

DanteNumero said...

@Alex Austin Ic I've been whoring your game out for you on all the streams I watch xD I guess its because I want to watch people play since I can't, BTW will OpenGL 1.1 still still be compatible for the new ANZ update?

Ash said...

Greetings, when I tried linux version, I got

./subrosa: cannot execute binary file

Ash said...

Ah, the problem is it is 64 bit. Waiting for 32 bit executable then.

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Unknown said...

I think if you highlight certain words in colours, such as team names (in their respective colours), the disk and the value then it should be easy to scan over and see what needs to be done (also would be useful if the map could have coloured areas too).

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Unknown said...

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Nidhi Jain said...

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Unknown said...

Help please!!! I can't connect to Crypticsea.com , and can't connect to master server in Sub Rosa :(((