Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cryptic Sea Update 9/13/12

Sub Rosa:
I've added different disk colors, which will allow for more mission types.  One will be acquisition with two disks, so one team might want the red disk and the others will want the black disk.  I think this will create some interesting situations where one team might get the disk the other wants, and they'll have to work out a trade.  The other mission type is a three-way deal, where each team starts with a disk and all three teams need to do the deal.  Or kill each other.

I've also been adding some buildings to the city, it's still very basic but I have a park and a new apartment building.  There's also three tunnels for the AI to exit so they won't always be heading to the South West tunnel.  The next version will probably be the last with this city, I'm going to rewrite the engine so the city can be much larger and have interiors of buildings.

Other new features include weapon/vehicle purchasing, so at the beginning of the round there's a buying menu kind of like Counter-Strike.  I'm not totally sure how it will work with keeping weapons and vehicles, if you lose them when you die, or if another team can steal them.

Finally there's an account system, so I'll have leaderboards for who has the most cash, and I'll probably keep track of stats like rounds played, percentage of successful deals and such.

Long term goals include an open-world mode, improving the shooting/player movement, and more weapons, vehicles and items.

Also I put Sub Rosa on Steam Greenlight, vote for it here:
Or find another way of wasting 15 seconds of your day.

A New Zero:
I'm still working on the human movement, but I've made some progress the last couple weeks.  There's still a lot to be done: vehicle physics, landscape generation, resources/mining, building interface, economy and a bunch of other stuff.  Once I get the infantry combat working I'll probably do a test version of that, I want to test out elements of the game before doing the full strategic mode.


dionvc said...

Oh nice, sad to hear the old map is going, it will always have a place in my heart. But I am glad to hear that buildings will have interiors.

Thrustwolf said...

Really cool :D Cant wait for the next update on A new Zero and Sub Rosa. You amaze me Alex...

Unknown said...

No Hockey? paragraph :(

John said...

Can you add better Spectator Features too in case someone wants to cast a game and post it on YouTube?

Sam said...

i can't get a game anymore :(

Miguel Pinto said...

I'm pretty bummed there isn't any reference to Hockey
I really believe Sub rosa isn't half as compelling to play than Hockey
Not trying to diss on it or anything, and everyone is allowed to his or her oppinion, this is just mine

PS:I might be less bummed if you post the source for Hockey though xD

Unknown said...

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