Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sub Rosa 0.07b


0.07b changes

Added a regional manager:
Player with the highest net worth on the team can fire other players by killing them before the round starts.

Changed death tax:
If you're shot by your own teammate you don't lose net worth.

Players get $150 salary for each round, bonus is flat rate plus 20% of stock value increase.

Added buy/sell 10 and 100 share options.

Added observer freecam

0.07 changes

Added vehicle keys:
Player holding the key in the car activates it, doesn't have to be driver.  Player holding the key at the end of the round will get the car the next round as long as it's not destroyed.

Added Three team deal

Added vehicle drag
Added accounts
Added persistent stats

Added weapons (MP5,AK-47,M-16)   

Added vehicles


coolguy1 said...

fun fun fun. could we get a better explanation of the stocks

Shadwshaden said...

when will it come out for Mac?

Unknown said...

no mac version?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Can you make a Linux 32 bits version please? Thanks for everything and sorry for my english.

Noah Bertilson said...
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Dan Fraga said...

I don't know if it's just me, but the character motion in this game is awfully lethargic compared with the previous versions...

Noah Bertilson said...

I keep on logging into servers again (changing networks a lot for best performance), but my name keeps being changed to (NAME)(1)...and it keeps adding (1)s as I keep logging in. Thus, I don't retain my net worth anywhere.



Unknown said...

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MrPowerGamerBR said...

Cryptic Sea can you make Subrosa OpenGL 1.1 Compatible?, i wanted to Play Subrosa but my PC only supports OpenGL 1.1...

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

hey, how do people gain millions of dollars in the game? it REALLY iritates me when im playing because i only have a pistol while everyone has cars and ak's

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

How do I start this game. When I started the game it just shows the command screen that is nothing to type. Can you please show me how to download it? I think I'm doing it wrong.

Unknown said...

How do I download the game Sub Rosa?
I wanted to play it but when I start the game, It shows the command screen that is nothing to type on. Can you please show me how to do it? I think I did it wrong. Thank you.