Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sub Rosa Alpha 25

Dedicated servers:

New account system - based on Steam ID
Admin ban system - admin can ban players for an amount of time (real-time minutes)
Car selling - put the key in your right hand to sell
Lunch - buy a burger at lunch or max HP will drop
Billboards - players can buy the billboard and put their message up
Bank - withdrawal/deposit cash
Persistence - world mode doesn't reset all players outside the city now
Round mode manager - based on net worth, can fire people (shoot them before the round starts)

Client optimizations - should run faster now
Server optimizations - 32 players should be possible on a decent server

Netcode - pausing during firefights should be fixed
Voice - whisper/yell modes work in voice now, using whisper limit distance to 4 meters
Voice display - no longer goes through walls