Monday, August 3, 2015

Sub Rosa Alpha 24


Dedicated servers:
To run an open world server add "gametype=4" in the config.txt
Server system requirements are pretty high right now, does not run on a potato.

Spawn killing penalty is much harsher now, 5% and you will take as much damage as you give out.  When a player spawns they have a timer between 3 and 6 minutes (real time), if they pick up a gun or enter a base the timer is set to zero.  Entering a car sets the timer at 15 seconds maximum.

One of the main changes is the engine, it can now support a lot more types of buildings which will help to add more detail/expand the city.  I know one thing people are going to ask about is optimization, now that the engine is mostly complete I'll be working on benchmarking tools (so I can tell what's running slowly on different PCs) and implement the ideas I have for improving the rendering.

I'll put up a link to the Windows/Linux dedicated servers soon, hopefully people can host servers in all the places where people have had to deal with bad pings up to now.

added round-based mode
added voice chat
added magnum (the ammo is just a magazine right now but it will be an actual revolver soon, Receiver-style)
added uzi
added gun shop
added helicopter
added fall damage

Stock increases are more reasonable now, just a temporary fix as the stock system will change soon
Teams now start with two phones, the first has the team number and the second has the team number plus 1 (Nexaco is 4444 and 4445)
Improved gun/item handling, still working on smoothing this out more
The hospital is the only place to heal, testing this out for now

Fixed the landscape rendering which was extremely slowly on some video cards
Smoothed out the netcode for cars and players